District Office


Michael McGuire Superintendent of Schools (607) 387-7551 4421
Tina Lincoln Asst. to the Superintendent, District Clerk (607) 387-7551 4427
Kimberly Bell Assistant Superintendent for Business & Administration (607)387-7551 4456
Patti Reichert Treasurer, Business Office (607-387-7551 4437
Nahla Minges Administrative Assistant, Business Office (607)387-7551 4436
Sarah Vakkas Director of Instruction (607) 387-7551 4429
Terry Welch Administrative Assistant, CSE/CPSE Office (607)387-7551 4429
Michael Pliss Director of Technology (607) 387-7551 4401
Bruce Wich Microcomputer Specialist (607) 387-7551 5115
Jason Hodge Athletic Director (607) 387-7551 3426
Fax Machine  Fax Machine  (607) 387-2807 NA


TCSD Campus View

The Trumansburg Central School District strives to be a positive, non-judgmental, and supportive learning environment.  We envision a community that promotes empathy, tolerance, and the respect of individualism.  Students and staff are encouraged to be self-motivated, confident, life-long learners who will work effectively toward personal and professional goals.  As part of our growth and development, every idea will be reviewed and revised for the advancement of all .

C onfident A rticulate R espectful E nvironment